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My Story

Currently in the Tri-Cities, I am working on a Master's degree in Computer Science. I first fell in love with the world of bits and bytes on about day 1 of my Intro to Python class, sitting next to a red-headed kid named Andy who would race me to be the first to raise his hand in class. But, life throws curveballs. So, after several years in Marketing, and a few more in Tech Support, I have found myself once again writing Python.


Recent Projects

Tracking COVID-19 In My Community










Recent Fun Occurrences and Accomplishments

Awarded a Gorilla Grant 2020

Diamond Tier

Gorilla Experiment Builder offers small grants annually to researchers using their site to conduct user studies. Our experiment on Visualizing Reinforcement Learning Agents to advance Explainable AI received a top-tier award.

IEEE Vis Conference Paper Accepted

TREX Workshop

Our awesome team pulled together a paper on the use of trust as a metric for AI explainability, and it was accepted to the TREX (Workshop on TRust and EXpertise in Visual Analytics) workshop. The paper suggests more concrete metrics, measurable by downstream tasks, as a more robust measure of explainability in AI and Machine Learning.


My Experience

Roles & Responsibilities

Software Developer - PNNL

August 2019 - Now

My coding classes paid off when I got to work in one of my favorite languages, Swift, on updating an in-house application.

IT Engineer, PNNL

November 2016 - August 2019

Starting from phones, I got to experience the emotional rollercoaster that is Tech Support, eventually working on A/V support, purchasing and trails of electronics, and piloting a satellite concept location.

IT Technician - ENW

August 2014 - November 2016

Let me tell you, Tech Support at a Nuclear Power Plant is a whole other thing! From carting computers through a bunch of security checkpoints to volunteering on the Emergency Response Team, this job was a lot of fun and new experiences.

Associate - New Edge

June 2011 - August 2014

New Edge is a business strategy marketing firm. My roles included a lot of research into market opportunities, and managing the development and eventual publication of a book on the company's methodology: Killing Ideas, by Pam Henderson.



My Studies

August 2019 - Now

MS Computer Science - WSU

Working on a thesis focused strongly on machine learning interpretability.

September 2007 - May 2011

BA Marketing - Gonzaga

From measuring customer sentiment to understanding how background cues invoke purchasing activity, the Marketing track of the Business Administration degree covered it all.

August 2007 - May 2011

Tri-Cities Prep HS - Pasco, WA

Essentially the only "college prep" high school at the time I attended, the hours were long, but Mock Trial was really fun.


My Skills

Tricks of the Trade

Tidy Desk


Ok, hear me out. It turns out that Marketing is just applied Sociology and Psychology, and it turns out that in Data Sciences, Social and Psychological factors do matter sometimes.

Notepad on Desk


I can guarantee that even if I haven't written in a certain language before, give me some time and I can figure it out. I really enjoy the challenge of doing so, but I also appreciate how different languages approach solving similar problems.

Keyboard and Mouse

“In my opinion, the only way to conquer stage fright is to get up on stage and play.”

Taylor Swift


“Progress depends as much on our collective differences as it does on our individual IQ scores.”

Scott E. Page